Joergen Schlegel

Joergen Schlegel


hello! my name is Joergen Schlegel and i want to introduce myself and parts of my work here.

that‘s me – Joergen 'Josch' Schlegel:
_1967 born in Bonn/Germany
_1986 high school graduation
_1988 industrial manager trainee at 3M Deutschland GmbH
_1991 Apple system consultant in düsseldorf
_1993 productioner/print at Softgold Computerspiele GmbH (later THQ)
_2002 foundation "doxupport dienstleistungen": project-management for print localisation
_2010 establishing the inhouse marketing department at Edgetech Europe GmbH, Germany
_2011 dtp operator at THQ Deutschland GmbH in Krefeld/Germany
_2012 digging into / qualification for html/css/javascript, typo3, cinema 4d
_2013 trying to find my designation: gathered experiences as digital printer, lettershop operator,
  bike-professional. exciting phase of my life ...
_2014 employed at devoti.kuenne - make . design . work

sample work | references etc.
a list of entertainment software-projects i was involved in here.

that's also me – my interests:
_my family: Ruth, Kai, labrador Emba
_writing, texting
_design, architecture
_everything on 2 wheels
_music, reading, the internet

if you want to contact me please send an email to
mail [at]