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Jörgen [b.k.a. Josch] Schlegel‘s photographic work mostly illustrates functional places and everyday surrealities, which in their conceptual interplay - often supported by written thoughts - are meant to trigger a specific feel of contemplativeness in the viewer’s mind. driven by the vision to create a kind of visual dis- and re-assembly of the world around us in terms of pure simplicity, he is also fascinated by the spirit of fluxus, the interaction between the analog and digital world and post-digital media strategies.

· architecture
· new topographics
· daily life installations
· minimalism
· abstraction
· documentation


· traces of human life vol.1
· traces of human life vol.2
· traces of human life vol.3
· traces of human life vol.4
· Kleinstadtangst! vol.1
· Westdeutscher Braunkohletagebau "Garzweiler" 2011-2016 (german)
· Verlassener Ort vol.1 (german)
· Verlassener Ort vol.2 (german)

postcard sampler
· Nahtour-Erfahrungen (24 cards, german)

all items built on demand - please ask for further details!

[the wish to go out with my work is getting stronger - if you`re interested in a co-op i'll be happy to hear from you!]

started in 2013 under my then brand 'waidwund', this blog gives a broad insight of my photographic language. from time to time pictures get support by written thoughts. part of the overall concept of this blog is that it ticks like a metronome, reliably publishing a new piece of work every 5 days at 6:30pm CET.
[more about structures in the instagram section]

as you can see it's often about structures in my work, and so it is with my IG feed [current claim: "Of course a 4 y/o could do that!"(TM)]. works completely against the original intention of *insta*gram, which is the fun bit for me at the moment. i let it flow my way, and sometimes i'm wondering about the outcome as i seem to react in a quite sensitive way on my environment and the signals it sends. if you witness a conceptual change here, some substantial things happened in my life.

i use vsco more as a visual from time to time diary. the overall artistic level on this platform is really astounding - get a look!


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